To Commit or Quit: A Six Part Introspective on Music Lessons

Answers and a Conclusion 

Well, you've made it this far, congratulations!  I know it was a long read but I hope it was worth it and opened up insights for you.  The second through fifth blog installment went into detail about the four big reasons as to why parents and their children quit music which can be summed up into four words: Dismissal, Over-scheduling, Underexposure, and Ignorance. 

Now as a parent, here are some things you need to start doing TODAY:

  • Take music seriously.  It’s a subject JUST like any other that requires patience and hard work from EVERYONE to improve.  

  • Before signing up for lessons, budget time for both the music lesson AND the practice time it takes EVERYDAY to improve from week to week. 

  • Listen to all kinds of music.  All the time. 

  • No matter how much your child begs you to stop lessons.  Don’t listen.  See this through to the end.  Wait until your children are old enough to make informed decisions about their music education on their own (yes, even if you are paying for it)

Every single adult I’ve spoken to over the age of 18 that has quit music lessons when they were children regret doing so.  And the ones that stick with it were glad that their parents made them practice when they were younger.  

Music is everywhere.  All the time.  It enriches our lives, helps us achieve goals, and makes us better rounded.  It is as necessary as schooling.  Music must be a big part of your child’s life.  They will thank you for it later. 


and practice SMART!